Wen-Juan Ma Research

Evolutionary Genetics and Comparative Genomics

Welcome to my website!

I am Wen-Juan Ma, a passionate evolutionary genetist and evolutionary genomist. My research lies at the intersection of evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics, comparative and functional genomics and bioinformatics, specifically I have developed strong interests in the fields of evolution and genomics of sex chromosomes/mating-type chromosomes, sex determination, sexual conflict especially meiotic drive and endosymbiont-induced asexuality. I address these related questions in a wide variety of organisms such as amphibians, plants, fungi and parasitoid wasps, integrating fieldwork, lab crosses, molecular genetic, and comparative and functional genomic approaches.

I previously worked with evolutionary genomics of mating-type chromosomes in Microbotryum fungi with Michael Hood, at Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA. Prior to that, I worked with genomics of homomorphic sex chromosomes, with Nicolas Perrin, John Pannell (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) and Mark Kirkpatrick (University of Austin, USA). Currently I am working on genetic basis and comparative genomics of sex chromosome meiotic drive in Drosophila, with Robert Unckless, at the University of Kansas, KS, USA.

If some projects are interesting to you, please drop me
an email to get in touch, I’d be happy to discuss and form possible collaborations.
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