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GBE Cover of April issue 2020

Our illustration anther smut fungus infection of Silene latifolia made it for the GBE (Genome Biology and Evolution) April Cover.

In this paper, we found that
#DifferentialExpression between haploid mating types is associated with various degenenerious mutations,

More details and results about this article can be found here:

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New paper published at JEB

No effect of sex chromosome differentiation on male phenotype, mating or fathering success

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New paper is out in MBE

Higher Gene Flow in Sex-Related Chromosomes than in Autosomes during Fungal Divergence

Fig. 1 Sampling and population structure of the 38 studied anther-smut fungal Microbotryum strains on Silene caroliniana and S. virginica inferred based on autosomal genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Fig. 2 Large inversions on two autosomal contigs between the MvCa and MvVi Microbotryum genetic clusters and signatures of positive selection.

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My first preprint and first paper on fungi genomics, mating-type chromosomes and differential gene expression

Differential gene expression is associated with degeneration of mating-type chromosomes in the absence of sexual antagonism

Figure1. Comparisons of differentially expressed (DE) versus non-differentially expressed (non-DE) genes between mating types of Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae for various degeneration-associated traits within genomic compartments.
Figure2. Significant predictors of the degree of differential expression between mating types of Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae testing directional effects of degeneration-associated traits.
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A happy coincidence of my two papers are online on the same day!

What a happy coincidence today! Thrilled to see our two frog sex chromosome evolution papers are out today! 1f64c 1f64c
Good chance to know more about evolution of sex-biased gene expression in early stage of sex chromosome evolution, and a crazy fast rate of sex chromosome turnover in true frogs. Check them out!

The article in Genome Biology:

The article in Nature Communications:
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Manuscript on plant polyploidy is submitted today

Today is a happy day overall: my manuscript on a new polyploid Mercurialis annua species inferring from functional divergence in inflorescence morphology, hybrid sterility and patterns of introgression has been submitted! The ms reads very nicely, hopefully the reviewers will like it too.

We had delicious Thai dish, Pad Thai and Phanaeng curry, to celebrate a ms submission!


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