Wen-Juan Ma Research

Evolutionary Genetics and Comparative Genomics

Moved to the NEW Science Center Building

Since 01.Sep. 2018, the whole Biology Department moved to a brand new Science Center Building (25 East Drive, Amherst, MA 01002) in Amherst College. This new building is built on the basis of high energy sustainability with modern design style.

Science Centre under beautiful blue sky!


The inside view of highly energy saving design using natural light through giant windows!

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Two months of productive collaborations with Tatiana Giraud lab at University of Paris-Sud, Orsay, France

I took the flight back to Amherst, MA, USA, after a fantastic and productive two months period in Prof. Tatiana Giraud lab. Thanks very much, Tatiana Giraud and the whole team for hosting me! I had a really fantastic time and stimulating visit for the past two months. Looking forward to our further collaborations!

Gorgeous view of lab in Orsay, France!

The lab building when I left on 02. Oct. 2018, with the beautiful autumn colours!


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Visiting our collaborator Prof. Tatiana Giraud lab at Université Paris-Sud in Orsay, France

I am currently visiting Tatiana’s lab and will stay in Orsay, France for Aug. and Sep. 2018. Many thanks for both Michael and Tatiana’s arrangement to make this happen, Tatiana for providing the invitation letter and hosting me. I am very excited for our various collaborations!

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Great thanks for all awesome summer interns of Hood lab

Thanks for all summer interns of Hood lab, who did great jobs in contributing to various projects running in the Hood lab. The projects include disease ecology, genomics and degeneration of mating-type chromosomes etc. Photo credits: Sarah Gayer.

Hood lab photo with all the summer interns, it was great fun to work with you! Thank you all again for your hard work and substantial contributions. See you in the Fall! From left to right: Sangmin Song, James Colwell, Irish Amundson, Kelley Baumann, myself, and Sarah Gayer.


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MinION long-reads sequencing of Microbotryum fungi

today I launched another MinION sequencing run for one of the anther smut Microbotryum fungi species. We had successfully retained high yield of DNA from ligation sequencing protocol, with home made and tested modifications for certain steps (contact me if you have problem to retain enough DNA sample to run a flow cell, will be happy to share my experiences and modified protocol). I am excited to observe the live sequencing and very looking forward to the results and genome assembly!

MinION sequencing device is on the run now! 07.2018


This shows the MinION flow cell total 512 channels panel status, green denotes sequencing and active pores, dark blue is recovering pores, light blue is inactive ones, 07.2018.


This image shows the number of active, inactive channel used overtime through the sequencing run, 07.2018.

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Moved to Amherst

Since 05.2018, I moved oversea from University of Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland) to Amherst College (Amherst, Massachusetts, USA) and join Michael Hood lab with genomics of fungi mating-type chromosomes (sex chromosomes)!

Our lab MinION long reads sequencing device (loading HMW DNA samples), 06.2018.


The window view from my new office at Amherst College, 05.2018.

The Mead Art Museum tower at Amherst College, 05.2018.

Graduation weekend of Amherst College, 05.2018.

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